We offer short- and long-term copier and office equipment rental services in Fresno, CA.

If you have a need for a small to full-size copier in Fresno for a trade show, sporting event, legal war room, conference, temporary office or construction site , the Fresno Copier Rental Store is meeting short-term rental needs every day. No long-term agreement is require, and rentals are tax deductible!

With a reputation for high quality, speed and the exceptional service businesses in the Central Valley demand, you’ll find our equipment and service will meet your high standards.

Call or email Fresno Short Term Copier Rentals at your convenience for any of the following: copiers, printers, laptops, projectors and desktop MFPs. You will receive a competitive, fast and hassle-free quote for a machine to fit your exact needs and budget. Our warehouse and service technicians are local for a quick response time. Rent your copiers and office equipment from Short Term Copier Rental at the Copier Rental Store.

At Fresno Copier Printer Rental we strive to be efficient, reliable and always available. No matter where you are in Fresno or elsewhere in the USA, we’ll deliver, install and network your printers, laptops or desktop computers up and running so you can get on with your business. Call Short term copier rental store at 800-279-6146 or email us for a quote at

Perfect For...

  • Law Firm War Rooms
  • Deposition Support
  • Special Scanning Projects
  • Television Productions
  • Sports Broadcast Productions
  • Movie Production sites
  • Conventions & Trade Shows
  • Meetings & Conferences
  • Construction Sites
  • New Business
  • Temporary Offices
  • Long Term Month to Month Rentals