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Below are some key features and valuable insight in the Copier Rental business that has been shared with us by our company members. This is just an example of the expertise, knowledge and dedicated services you will find from Short Term Copier Rental and other ITRA company members.

Copier Rentals - Comparision

Black & White vs. Color
Color is the fastest growing demand in the rental market and reaching levels of black and white systems. Most systems have the ability to differentiate between color and b&w however is important to remember that the Color cost per copy typically is about 8 times as expensive as b&w. Toner yields for copiers is significantly higher than ink jet printers so changing toner cartridges is far less frequent.

Desktop vs. Console
Desktop copiers are smaller and slower (usually up to about 30ppm). Most have autofeeders but only some have autoduplex and electronic sorting. Very few have staple or hole punch capabilities or 11 x 17 paper size. These use normal electrical outlets.

Console units are generally 30ppm to 110ppm and come standard with autofeeder, autoduplex, multiple paper trays (most with large capacity) and staple sorting. Some include hole punch. It is important to check the power supply at the site because a lot of console units require a 20 amp dedicated line.

Stand alone vs. a MFP – (multifunctional product)
If all you are doing is copying then a stand alone unit will work well for you. however by selecting an MFP you will have the option to set up the device as a network printer, network scanner and fax.

Service and supplies
Most rentals include all service and supplies except paper. Typically they come with a copy/print allowance that calls for an additional charge if you exceed the allowance. Onsite service normally covers regular business hours however its possible to arrange for after hours technical support by phone and/or onsite.

Delivery charges
Most delivery charges include delivery, setup training and removal. Additional charge may apply if a network technician is required for assistance in connections. Additional delivery charges may apply if the rental requires afterhours or weekend timeframes.

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